Fred lafortune


Photo by Michael Touze


Fred Lafortune is a Haitian-American poet and writer. He was born in Anse a veau, Haiti in 1982, and grew up on a small town called Lazil. He is the author of several books, including En nulle autre, Silex,  and An n al Lazil, a poetry collection written in Haitian Creole which was the winner of the Dominique Batraville Prize in 2017. In 2018, Fred Lafortune received the Best Poet of the Year Award by the Haitian Academy Award. Fred’s poems have been published in several anthologies, including the “Anthologie de Poésie Haïtienne Contemporaine”, edited by James Noël. Additionally, a number of his poems have been published in various literary magazines and journals, as well as online publications.